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Here are some software programs that can make the life of any enthusiast an easier one!

  1. (7K)
    A list of about 200 reference books.

  2. (231K)
    The BLAUBOX program. This is a freeware program from Blaupunkt.

  3. (193K)
    Perfect Box Ver 4.5 - A program to calculate box dimensions for sealed and ported boxes.

  4. (10K)
    Resistors tutorial for windows.

  5. (141K)
    Box Plot version 2.0 - Windows based speaker box and crossover design program.

  6. (191K)
    Filter design program.

Please note that I do not guarantee the accuracy or effectiveness of any of the above mentioned programs. I have not had time to test them extensively. Thus, feel free to try them but I cannot be held accountable if you do not like the results. Having said that, I have experienced some pretty nice results myself.

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