Internet Service Providers in Trinidad

Well, there are five ISPs that I know of currently operating in Trinidad. Rates differ from one to another and also their location can be important as it will affect your telephone bill (apart from TSTT which has Toll-free dial in lines). Anyway, enough pre-amble. Here they are....



  • One time setup fee - $100
  • Dial up 40 hrs - $115 per month
  • Dial up 60 hrs - $161 per month
  • Dial up 100 hrs - $230 per month
  • Dial up 200 hrs - $345 per month
  • Dial up unilimited - $414 per month
  • $11.50 per hour for additional hours
  • Additional E-Mailbox $23 per month

Internet Address:
Voice #: 868-628-9075

SUMMARY: They have POPs in St. Augustine, Chaguanas, Point Lisas, Port of Spain, Diego Martin and San Fernando. Thus, if you live in any of these areas, you get 23c unlimited as far as your phone bill is concerned. How TSTT must hate that.


Rates: $138 per month - 100 hours
Additional hours - $11.50
Internet Address:
Modem #: 637-6087
Voice #: 637-6862

SUMMARY: Interserv has POPs in Diego Martin, Port of Spain, St. Augustine, and Tobago. .

OPUS Networx:
Setup fee: $115
20 hrs per month - $57.50
50 hrs per month - $115
100 hrs per month - $230
POP email only - $11.50 per month

Internet Address:
Modem #: 628-5023
Voice #: 625-5949

SUMMARY: OPUS is the Caribbean's longest running BBS. They now offer full PPP access to the Internet. I have no personal experience with OPUS but all reports indicate that it works well.

20 hrs - $79.35
50 hrs - $143.75
100 hrs - $230
Unlimited (1 login) - $345
Unlimted (3 logins) - $799.25
Additional hrs - $17.25

You will notice that TSTT are the most expensive of the bunch. Not only that but for those of you who don't know the situation, TSTT is the monopolistic telecomm provider in Trinidad and Tobago. They provide landlines, cell phones, Internet service and other services. They do most of this poorly compared to what it could and should be. Many people dislike this company with a passion and are clamouring for comeptition. Even though there is competition on the ISP front, all the other ISPs must use TSTT at some point, either for landline connection, POP interconnection and/or Internet connection - clearly an unfair situation. Is it any wonder that TSTT is the only ISP that can offer toll-free access? I'd love to see how their inter-departmental billing works.

Anyway, I guess you're more interested in the service than the surrounding issues. Currently it's not too bad but TSTT is famous for cycles where they let the system get too congested for a few months after which they will upgrade it and the cycle continues. So, ask around before going with them.

My advice - stick to another ISP if they have a POP in your area. If not, TSTT will save you $$$.

Anyway, enough of my ranting.
Internet Address:
Modem #: 619-5638 [TOLL FREE]
Modem # to register: 619-4638 [TOLL FREE]
Voice #: 868-824-TSTT

Setup fee - $100
75 hrs - $125
125 hrs - $200
250 hrs - $375
Additional hrs - $8 per hr

Internet Address:
Modem #: 622-0004
Voice # to register: 622-8865

SUMMARY: WOWNET is a low cost ISP with POPs in Port-of-Spain, Diego Martin and San Fernando.

They offer free additional Email addresses and free personal Web page housing.


Prices last updated December 2002.

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